Why NFTs & Blockchain?


When a file is added to the blockchain, it can't be edited, altered, or deleted. This eliminates any hacking or changing of data which
in turn makes the blockchain a reliable source of trust and authenticity.


Since blockchain files can't be altered or deleted, tracibility becomes extemely easy and trustworthy on the blockchain.
Since blockchains are accessible to the public domain, anyone can look up any record on the blockchain, and trace their specific items.


Blockchain networks are decentralized meaning there isn't a entity that has power over the data. All participants or in technical terms “nodes”
in a blockchain continuously check each other to make sure their data is consistent and tamper-proof.



Aside from all the hype around Blockchain technology, Stoney truly believe's NFTs have an amazing ability to link real world products to the blockchain.
Each active Stoney NFT is registered on the blockchain as an NFT and can be transferred to anyone. The NFT can be used as proof of ownership for a product, sold/bought as a collectible after verification, and can also be used to track & identify products.

To understand NFTs or "non-fungible tokens”, you must understand blockchain tokens. Tokens are digital assets built on the blockchain. On this blockchain, there are two main types of digital assets. The first being cryptocurrency and the second being tokens.
Cryptocurrency is the original currency of a blockchain, such as Solana, Ethereum,
bitcoin, and etc. While tokens are new currencies built on top of existing blockchains
such as "Stoney Tokens".

If you created your own coin on Solana, for example, that would be considered a token, rather than cryptocurrency. Your token would also have it’s own unit of value depending on the variables that you set. NFTs, however, have no single unit of value.
For example, if you register a Rolex Watch as a non-fungible token on the
blockchain and also register a Ferrari Car as another NFT, those tokens are not interchangeable with each other since they are individually unique.
Each NFT at Stoney is individually unique and no one will ever have the same NFT or art.


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