Some people just aren't Stoney.
We thought they could use someone to call:  1-800-STAY-STONEY

There was only 75 of these shirts created, each shirt is labeled under the neck.

Each shirt purchased comes with QR code that has a collectible NFT attached to it!

You can use this as a way to authenticate your shirt, or to just keep as a fun collectible.

Washing Instructions:
- Don't Dry Clean

- Wash and Dry Inside Out

- Choose Cold or Warm Water for Washing

- Use Mild Detergent

- Dry on Low or Hang dry

- No Bleach or Fabric Softeners


SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Black
  • 100% cotton.
    Handmade in the USA.

    Designed by Stoney, not outside sourcing.